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Founder – Dr. Crippen

If you would like to know a bit more about the people and the vision behind emilyEMR, then please keep reading!

emily was created by Dr. Craig Crippen MD CCFP FCFP in 2017 due to a lack of great software options for aesthetic practices. Dr. Crippen was, at the time, using one program for charting, one program for scheduling and payments, one for photography and another for marketing. While there are numerous electronic medical record (EMR) applications that can be used in aesthetic clinics, they are either too old, not user-friendly or too limited resulting in clinics having to use multiple programs.

The standard clinic not using emily normally uses the following software applications:

  1. an emr for scheduling(some use a separate scheduler as well), charting, documents, forms(some also use other programs for signing forms)
  2. photography
  3. online reviews
  4. marketing/patient retention
  5. gift cards/coupons/rewards
  6. online scheduling
  7. reporting tools / KPI

Even if a clinic is only using 2 or 3 software applications, it becomes quite cumbersome for staff and providers. Entering the same patient into 3 or more systems inevitably leads to errors which costs time and money, not ideal!

emily is an All-in-one solution that manages all of these issues in one application.

Dr. Crippen has been performing cosmetic treatments since 2003 and has used his experience to create a modern, user-friendly, all-in-one application that any cosmetic/aesthetic clinic can use to grow their business to the next level and beyond.

Use our contact form to reach out and see how emily can get rid of your software problems so you can focus on your patients and treatments. As a business owner, you have enough to manage, let emily help you achieve the success you want by making your software work for you.



Senior Dev – Maizal

emily’s Senior Software Developer

Maizal started with emily in 2020 after we had a prototype that was ready to be tested in Dr. Crippen’s clinic. After a lot of ups and downs and seemingly endless fixes for bugs we now have, in 2022, a program that is ready for clinics to use all over north america. Thanks to Maizal’s software expertise, dedication and hard work we have a stable software solution that is improving every day of the week.



emily’s Junior Software Developers

Mitchell started with us while he was in school and has become a valuable member of the team. His ability to work well in a team environment and focus on the key details is an important part of our success.

Daniel also started with us while in school and has proven himself to be a quick learner and great team member. We are so pleased and thankful that he decided to join our group.



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